Last 28th October 2017 the first edition of Dev Contact Sevilla took place.

This event united and brought the community of workers from Sevilla closer, not only developers, but all the professionals that take part in the complex process of a video game developing: artists, composers, sound technicians, programmers, animators, voice over actors, press, etc.

That day, the most influential development studios were reunited, together with young entrepreneurial and students of the gaming sector, among other professionals.

The goal of this event was to stimulate and motivate the creation of enterprises and projects inside the video game industry, that nowadays is at its peak.

Major studios gave a talk oriented to all kind of public and made live presentations of their video games.

Every studio offered the possibility to try the demos of their video games, which every assistant could enjoy at first hand, proving the high level and passion that exists in the indie industry.


The doors opened at 12 pm, representing the studios by offering free trials of each game: 24 terminals in total, availables to the visitors to enjoy the experience. Later, Damián Cáceres and Daniel Marín, from Dual Mirror Games, gave a short and warm opening speech transmitting all the illusion and effort that the organisation and collaborators had invested in the event.

Over the afternoon, passionate players tried every one of the titles that were exposed: Blasphemous, from The Game Kitchen; Readout: First Contact, from Dual Mirror
Games; Phobos Vector Prime, from Gunstar Studio; John Mambo from Iction Games; Pulse from Odd Dimension; and last, Project Andrana from Muquo Games.

The visitors gave their impressions and shared ideas and knowledge with the developers. Also, a networking between enterprises and studentshad place. Said students found inspiration and guidance from professionals.

Later that evening, Nico Quiles, director of the voice over locution studio Persevoice, gave an interesting speech about the voice over in video games, finishing with and emotive message to indie developers, who struggle on a daily basis.

Besides the networking and the videogame testing, the guys from The Game Kitchen told us about the steps to follow to have success in the Kickstarter platform, following their video game Blasphemous. After that, Iction Games told us about the ins and outs of the funny game called John Mambo, followed by a round of questions. Finally, Eugenio Fernández and Tomás Chacón talked about Pulse, a frenetic and dynamic racing mobile game that will be soon released in Play Store.

Once the event finished, Manu Delgado, from online magazine Equilateral, moderated an interesting round table where Rafael Casaucao, from Gunstar Studio, exchanged some ideas and his point of view about the discussion exposed: “Indie video games in Spain”, with Juan Manuel y Enrique, from The Game Kitchen, explaining that to have success in this little world, it’s necessary to have a big product in your hands, and the visibility will arrive along.

On the other side of this debate, Nico Quiles, from Persevoice, along with Fernando Pérez and Damian Cáceres from Dual Mirror Games, stood up for the idea that the importance of visibility and advertising of the product is crucial for the success of a videogame in this world  that every day is more populous. Small studios are created every day and cause a growing competition.

Finally, the awards ceremony for the Pulse tournament and the raffle of the incredible John Mambo’s t-shirt took place, followed by the closing speech by Dani Marín and Damian Cáceres, thanking every visitor their support and the feedback offered. They also expressed their gratitude to all the collaborator studios and to the Red Wolf e-sport Center for giving their perfectly conditioned space for the celebration of Dev Contact Sevilla.

Thus, concluded the first edition of this small event with a very good reception and that welcomed more than 400 visitors. It generated very good critics, giving the chance to a second edition that will possibly arrive in the last trimester of 2018.

We want to express our gratitude to every participant who supported the creation of this initiative, and also to every participant of the event, who proved that Seville is a city where the video game industry is alive and at full capacity.