Wall in a station with military advertising to encourage recuiting. Design based on Shepard Fairey's art

       It arises from the association of most of the inhabited planetary systems and, currently, it expands over more than 50 light years around the Sun. This alliance, partially democratic, helps with the cooperation in matters as the commerce and security of the systems involved. Some of the decisions that have been made, have provoked conflicts such as the Tromulanian Wars.

          The Federation Armed Forces are formed by citizens from all over the human territory. Its military power is huge; it owns nuclear repertoires capable of leaving the surface of every planet member uninhabitable. The fear of rebel groups against the Federation made necessary to create a bigger army than the one created to solve internal matters.

       To be considered a voting citizen of the Federation, it’s mandatory to participate in the military service. This requirement came up as a response to the rebellions and terrorist attacks in the outer systems, although it was already obligatory in the Earth after all of the wars and conflicts of the XXI Century.

          Nowadays, the Federation is in a decisive part of an armed and ideological conflict against the Cyvar Union. This confrontation ended up becoming the worst cold war in the history of the federal government and has lasted until today.